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Natural Rose Quartz Mini Tumbled Necklace, short

Natural Rose Quartz Mini Tumbled Necklace, short

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Bring more love into your life with this perfect for layering rose quartz necklace.

Rose quartz crystal is best used to open the heart chakra. Soft, gentle energy that brings deep inner healing and peace. Rose quartz is believed to help restores trust in relationships, encourages self-love and acceptance.

Said to be a powerful love magnet it emits vibrations of love, compassion, warmth and tenderness. Teaches you to radiate love from within because when you move in love you receive love back.

Opens your heart, dissolves your walls! Can be your best friend on your journey for love when your heart is guarded .

Be kind and allow time and space you need for yourself so you can open your heart with confidence. You can find mantras to say whenever you touch your crystal. For example: I open my heart to attract love and I am open to receiving unconditional love.

Works wonders when you combine with mirror work, say this in front of a mirror. 

Remember your crystal is your companion but you also need to find inner strength to make positive long lasting improvement in your life. The magic is inside you!


Product dimensions :

Necklace is hand assembled with love in Canada and made to order. Chain and lobster clasp are made of tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic stainless steel. Length: approx.22cm / 9 inch long, lays just below collarbone for most.

Rose quartz pendant origin : Mexico, size approx. 1/4" to 3/4", brass pendant


Avoid wearing to the beach, pool, hot tubs or in the shower. Remove to exercise or when you sleep and avoid wearing on particularly humid days.

When not wearing your jewellery, store it in the provided box.

Please make sure not to drop your jewelry and treat them carefully as natural stones can break if mishandled.
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