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Mercury Retrograde Crystal Survival kit

Mercury Retrograde Crystal Survival kit

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Trying to stay balanced during this Mercury Retrograde season?

Then here is your Mercury Retrograde survival kit.
Containing 4 powerful stones - each carefully hand selected for their properties : Black tourmaline, Fluorite, Blue calcite and Sodalite .

These great quality crystals are the perfect size to keep in your car or near your computer / laptop to bring you some soothing energy.

There are usually 3-4 Mercury Retrogrades per year. So if your intention is to have a more peaceful Mercury Retrograde from now on, don't to take any chances and grab your kit.

Why do you need this crystal kit?
Mercury retrograde equals technologie hiccups, miscommunication and foggy thoughts. You may have noticed you've been feeling all over the place lately so here are your must-haves :

Fluorite ,when life is overwhelming and you feel like everything is out of control, Fluorite brings stability to this chaotic energy.

It helps to release fear and anxiety caused by external forces (ahem our friends Mercury Retrograde).

Fluorite enhances brain power by silencing mental chatter and worry,  it provides clarity for confident decision making. Its calm vibration instills deep relaxation and helps you cultivate a peaceful mental state.

Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone. It forms a shield around your body to deflect electromagnetic frequencies emitted from your cell phones, computers and other radiative devices. 

Activating the root chakra, Black Tourmaline brings your body's energy into balance. Grounding you to the Earth, it transfoms negative energy into positive to release stress and worry.

Sodalite enhances communication and expression. Brings clarity and truth. Calms and clears the mind allowing it to become more logical and rational.

Blue calcite is a gentle crystal to work on your communication and throat chakra. To gently communicate your needs and expectations during these testing times 

Add this set to your cart to have just what you need to get out of this Mercury Retrograde's funk!
Products details
All stones approx. : 4-5cm
The set includes 1 of each: Black Tourmaline Fluorite, Blue calcite and Sodalite 
You will receive one intuitively chosen set similar to the one in pictures.

Please message me if you have any questions.
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